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P Bergqvist

Please, make your music available again

Published: maj 11, 2011



(This is an open letter to Minor Majority, a norwegian band that makes some great music, please check them out)


I'm a long time listener and have listened to your music on Spotify for the last year or so. I'm a paying subscriber to Spotify and has been since the fall of 2009.

Some two months ago your music disappeared and my playlists now have big empty holes in them where your music once was.

The reason I'm writing to you is to say that I enjoy listening to your music, and I would be glad if I could continue to do this. But, as your music no longer exists on Spotify I can't, unless I want to buy a physical record (or similar). I enjoy the experience I get with Spotify since it lets me very easily build my playlist and bring them with me.

So, I'm wondering if you could talk to your record label and make your music available again.

Best regards Peppe Bergqvist

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