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P Bergqvist

Leaving, or the other way around maybe

Published: maj 13, 2012

Tags: django epio gondor


The road of finding a good and solid Djano host never ends it seems, a while back announced they are shutting down.. The offer they had was by far the best on the market, a very solid wsgi/nginx-frontend, and PostgreSQL and Redis on top of that. They offered one free wsgi-instance and adding another was extremely cheap, like ~$10/month.

I have tested many other django/python/wsgi hosting services and for some clients we are using Heroku, but running this amount of small sites that I run is insane, their pricing is way off what I consider resonable. I have looked intensely at 30loops and that seems like a good alternative, but I have no experience of them as company so I will try them out on some smaller projects in the future.

My final decision is Gondor, they offer all the things I need, they have a solid track record with the Django community and an excellent support in their IRC channel. So now I have started to migrate this site and others will follow.

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